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Listen to the Voice of a Hongkonger: ‘I Will Stand by Your Side’

I have no choice but to stand firmly with you.

At the rally in September, Student leader Joshua Wong shouted: “We Hong Kong students are boycotting our classes. Our lights will brighten up the night in Hong Kong!”

When some people said the future of Hong Kong should be shouldered by young people, Wong replied: “It has to be everyone in Hong Kong. It has to do with you, you, you!”

Don’t push our responsibility to the next generation. Hong Kong’s destiny is in the hands of the people, you and me. You can’t turn away and close your ears. Face the reality and meet the challenges.

Since Sept. 28, when police used tear gas on unarmed protesters, the conscience of the Hong Kong people was awoken. Students are using non-violence and are facing the situation with courage, even when the police use tear gas. That was an unforgettable night for Hongkongers.

People from all walks of life and from all different places came to stand by the students’ side.

Then we saw that Hong Kong isn’t about being superficially glamorous, while people are busy making money.

That night, we saw people on the street with cellphone lights shining all over Hong Kong, seeking a bright future as eagerly as the students.

Suddenly we realized Hong Kong is a bright place because of its people.

Translated by Monica. Written by Xiao Rong.

Monica Song
Born and bred in China, Mona keeps an ever watchful  eye the Chinese news headlines that are worth translating into English for Vision Times readers.

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