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Did a Store in China Really Ban Chinese Shoppers?

Sorry Chinese citizens. Because you were born Chinese, this store in Beijing isn’t taking your money or even letting you in.

Let’s get this straight first: racism is not illegal in China. Whether it is directed towards Chinese or whoever, it’s permitted. That is why a store like this can exist in China with no legal backlash.

The reason this Chinese-owned store is banning Chinese customers is due to what they have stated as the hassle and annoyance of dealing with Chinese customers, and the huge legal and monetary penalty they incurred after a Chinese customer robbed a foreign customer.

Beijing Shopping
Chinese people even face racism while shopping in China. (gill_penney/flickr)

Chinese students in the United States complained about being looked down upon by a top United States politician, they can’t even find acceptance in China, the place that the politician was criticizing.

The store’s policies have reminded people of the policies of Shanghai around the turn of the century, when Chinese weren’t admitted into a recreation area reserved for foreigners. Bruce Lee cinematized it in Fist of Fury.

The question remains, will the Chinese government step in and change such a policy? Will the people protest until it changes? As we have recently learned in Hong Kong, protests are deemed illegal and unauthorized unless the government you are protesting against allows you to protest against it.

Whether at home or abroad, Chinese don’t have it easy.

So Chinese in America, please state your views. State your views about everything. State your views about China, state your views about America, state your views about yesterday’s lunch. Hopefully, one day China will accord the same freedom to speak out. Then things can really change.

So, racist Beijing store, you’ve been warned.


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