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Street Experiment: ‘I’m Exhausted… Please Wake Me Up at Simon Station’

How would you react if you saw a stranger with a notice asking for help?

This video of a street experiment recently went viral online. It shows a man sitting on the Taipei metro pretending to be asleep, with a piece of paper on his head saying: “I’m exhausted, and need a nap. Please wake me up at Simon Station, thank you.”

It turned out that Taiwanese were willing to help. Some patted him and said: “Hey, you’ve arrived.”

He tested it out multiple times and never missed his stop.

Many bloggers made positive comments below the video like: “Wow, there’s warmth everywhere in Taiwan.”

One shared an experience from when she was a high school student: “Once when I was going to to Chiayi, I fell asleep on the train. An old lady worked out that I was going to Chiayi from my uniform, and woke me up when we arrived there.

“I was really touched and felt very lucky… otherwise, I would definitely have been late for school.”


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