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Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad Touches Hearts of Millions

No matter where or when, mankind is still able to display a human side of kindness.

This was reflected during World War I when both German and British soldiers joined together to celebrate Christmas during the heat of battle in 1914 at Flanders, Belgium.

The true meaning and humanity of Christmas brought both sides together for a Christmas truce, if even only for a short time.

Both German and Allied soldiers left their trenches, shook hands, and exchanged small gifts.

World War I was the last so-called “Gentleman’s War,” where at least early in the war both sides still displayed a certain degree of humanity and honor towards each other.

From Sainsbury: “Although the events we show in our ad are fictional, we’ve tried to make the details as accurate as possible. Everything from the insignia on the men’s uniform to the depth of the trenches is based on historical fact.”

Monica Song
Born and bred in China, Mona keeps an ever watchful  eye the Chinese news headlines that are worth translating into English for Vision Times readers.

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