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It’s True! You Can Attract the Opposite Sex With These Dance Moves

I don’t know exactly what type of girl would be attracted by these dances, but science says if you focus your body movements like such, you’ll have awoken the attention of a future mate.

I don’t know exactly who or what you are going to attract like this, but it’ll probably be someone really really weird. These dances look like they are from outer space.

If you do these dances and actually attract women, you better just start running away from them.

And of course, a skilled dancer will have no use for such dry, detached data. It’s exactly the opposite of what you should focus on when you dance, in my opinion.

These dances will enchant the opposite sex.

Who funds these types of studies anyway? If you catch yourself stopping to scientifically analyze your dance moves over the course of a night out, maybe you need to find a new,more relaxing hobby.

Check this Guardians of the Galaxy dance off. The winner, either saves or destroys the planet.

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