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4 Brothers Donate $5.85 Million to Rebuild Their Hometown

What’s your impression of rich Chinese? This story proves that they’re not all as bad as you might think.

After a serious flood hit a small village in Jiangxi Province, locals Xiong Shuihua and his brothers donated more than 36 million yuan (about $5.85 million) to build 18 townhouses or 72 sets in total.

The village flooded in 2010, and more than 20 houses collapsed, according to jxnews. Xiong wanted to help the people in his hometown to recover from the disaster, so he asked his brothers to provide funds for rebuilding the village.

He said: ‘I’m not rich if I’m the only one who’s rich.’

“It’s worthwhile helping the people in the village have better living conditions no matter how much I have to pay.”

The construction has now been completed. Those families with financial difficulties can live there for free, while other villagers only have to pay 30,000 yuan ($4,873). Free meals are available for elderly residents everyday.

Research by Siew Wah

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