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Taiwan’s Pro-Beijing Party Loses Big Time in Local Elections (Video)

Taiwan’s ruling party the Kuomintang (KMT) suffered a heavy defeat during the local elections held on Saturday and it seems to have knocked the wind out their sails a bit.

But it wasn’t just a bad result for the KMT, it was bordering on disastrous and it’s put their 2016 presidential election hopes in doubt.

In Saturday’s local elections there were over 10,000 positions such as mayors, councillors and town chiefs that were up for grabs in the ballot.

The results have seen large gains for the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which has been highly critical of the KMT’s pro-Beijing polices.

“The results are a huge political blow to President Ma Ying-jeou and will increase China’s worries that the DPP might regain the presidency in elections that are due to be held in 2016,” wrote Taichung and Chiayi for The Economist.

The KMT premier Jiang Yi-huah quit not long after the results were made known and Taiwan’s 81-strong cabinet formally stepped down Monday morning reported AFP.

Seems Taiwan’s 2016 presidential elections are already shaping up to be eventful.

The above video from Reuters look at the winner’s celebrations for the Taipei mayor position which was won by Ko Wen-je, a respected surgeon and independent candidate backed by the DDP.

An interesting fact brought up in the video is that all of the country’s presidents, since 1996 when direct elections began, have previously been former mayors of Taipei.

So maybe we will hear much more from Ko Wen-je in the time to come.

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