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Chinese Communist Party Bans Wordplay, No Pun For Anyone

In a bizarre move that almost makes this article seem like it’s out of The Onion, China has attempted to band wordplay and puns.

This head scratching move is an attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to control advertisements and broadcasts. The government said that the use of wordplay is “contradictory in spirit to the promotion of and continuance of excellent, traditional Chinese Culture.”

Let’s ignore for a second the absurdity of that statement and focus on how comical it is to try and control puns, or more comical why a government would be scared of puns in the first place.

If the Chinese Communist Party is such a powerful force as they themselves claim why are they scared of a few jokes?

The official statement that these puns go against traditional Chinese culture is also interesting. I agree with the statement that traditional Chinese culture is indeed excellent. The only problem is it is the current communist party that has since it’s inception destroyed traditional Chinese culture at every turn.

I’ll do my best pun below, let me know if you have any better ones:

Why so much complement domestic partnership?

Pun translation:

Why so much communist domestic censorship?

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