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People Freaking Out in World’s Largest Corn Maze, Call 911 (Video)

The planet’s largest corn maze is apparently not so fun, in fact, some maze goers are finding themselves in need of emergency rescue.

The maze is grown each year on a farm in Dixon, California, by Cool Patch Pumpkins, won the world record in 2007 for it’s 40 acre maze, but this year, the made it 63 acres large.

People were going in and getting stuck for hours on end, and getting scared. They’ll call 911 for help on their cellphones. The average time to find your way out is apparently 4 hours according to Yahoo news.

Once the sherif is called, he’ll just call Matt Cooley, who has been running the maze for years, to help them out. Cooley told the SF Gate news he then does one of three things.

“Sometimes you just know people will get out anyway so you let them figure it out, and sometimes we’ll get their number and talk them directly,” Cooley said to the SF Gate.

And option No. 3?

“We’ve got guys who can navigate that thing in the dark,” Cooley said. “So as a last resort, we’ll send in one of them to show them the way.”

The corn has been cut for the season, and Cooley says the 911 calls are a sign the maze is getting to big, and will probably scale the labyrinth back next year.



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