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Science Has Come Up With 5 Steps to Get Over a Breakup… and It’s Great!

Love can be a wonderful thing, uplifting, it can even make the better part of our self shine brighter.

But love can be addictive, and when it comes to an end, there is a hard process of withdrawal. Everyone has a different way of getting through this.

Like any addiction, this video shows 5 steps to help you get over a breakup. Enjoy and be strong!,

5 steps:

  1. Get your anger out in a healthy way
  2. Turn it into a learning experience
  3. Accept where you are; one way is meditation
  4. Acknowledge the good parts of the relationship
  5. Focus on your best qualities; remember that you have value.

Now watch this interesting 5-step process to take you through this process in a positive way.


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