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Do You Believe This Testimony of Former NASA Worker Who Saw Humans On Mars? (Video)

For over a century, mankind has speculated about life on Mars. In the past 10 years, the U.S. has put several rovers on Mars, which is how these images were taken.

However, any person who says there are humans on Mars could be considered as insane.

Does this NASA close-up image show a human on Mars? (Screenshot/NASA)
Does this photo show a human on Mars?


But what if there were testimonies? Evidences that could prove this possibility?

Now, there is information about humans already having a base on Mars. This video makes some startling claims.

In 1979, Jackie, a former worker for Viking mission, says she saw two men working on Mars.

The former CIA pilot John Lear said that humans can be there on Mars and Andrew Bassiago says there is a colony of humans on Mars. The statements of Lear and Bassiago could support the story of the witness, Jackie.

This image shows panels that were covered by dust cleaned off at a later date. (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./Arizona State Univ.)

Furthermore, John Lear said that the humans Jackie saw on Mars could have been cleaning up the Viking rover. It reminds us of the cleaning of the Opportunity and Spirit. Solar panels have been covered by dust many times. Some days later they are clean again. We do not know who cleans the rovers.

More and more evidences show the possibility of humans being there on Mars.

Below screenshot is taken from NASA’s image of ‘Rocknest Panorama View’ photographed by Curiosity and shows a possible human figure.

This is an expanded NASA image showing location of purported human on Mars. (Screenshot/NASA)


Are all these people just cranks, or do you believe there might be a human base on Mars? You be the judge.


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