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Millennial Work Stereotypes Aren’t All That True, Here’s Why

There’s a strange myth going around that millennial’s work habits are pretty different than the generations before them. It turns out a new study shows, that rumor is far from true.

In fact, all workers are pretty similar.

In a survey of over 5,500 office workers from different sectors, researchers found everyone wanted “freedom of choice, satisfying collaboration, and transparency”.

It turns out age doesn’t really change what people want at work that much at all.

Another stereotype of millennials is that we’re like pack animals, turns out that’s not true either. Millenials actually spend slightly more time on individual work than the generations before them. The new research showed 51 percent of millenials preferred informal collaborative work, compared with only 49 percent of baby boomers 42 percent of Gen-X’s.

Overall, maybe science needs to stop looking at millenials like they are some weird brand of human. It turns out they aren’t that different.

But for a funny take on the generation gap and stereotypes in the workplace see below. Be warned some millenials may get offended.




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