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3 Tips For People Who Wear Contacts in Winter

Wearing contacts is ridiculously convenient. Though having contacts in the harsh Northeast weather wasn’t easy for me. It was the toughest season on my eyes.

Here are 3 useful tips I discovered for those who wear contacts in winter.

1. Have eye drops handy! This is easily the biggest tip. Saline solution is a good eye drop for contacts. With constant exposure to heaters coupled with the blasting cold outside, your eyes will dry out, so take care of them!

2. Make sure you are wearing the right kind of contacts. Many people I have talked to don’t really have a great grasp on what brands or types they should wear. Daily moist contacts are what many experts recommend as the best.

3. If you are having problems, go see your eye doctor. I am not a doctor, I am just a guy who has worn contacts and is relaying you some information. Likely there could be bigger things at play if you’re experiencing chronic problems.


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