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A Word From an Umbrella Student to Leaders C.Y. Leung and Xi Jinping

We interviewed a 23-year-old student called Conny Chen from City University in Hong Kong. Conny is one of the students taking part in the protests at Occupy Central.

If you could talk to Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung face-to-face, what would you say to him?

Please come talk with us and listen to the voice of the people.

You haven’t sought Hong Kongers’ opinion, and without a full discussion, you presented your reform report at the Chinese People’s Congress. There the decision was made to endorse the report. That’s not what the people want; it’s against our will.

We just want to express our opinion to realize universal suffrage. This is our basic right.

And what would you say to Chinese President Xi Jinping?

I would like to tell him that “one county two systems” in Hong Kong is not being properly practiced. Please listen to the story of why we occupied Central, what made us to do this.

Why did the Hong Kong Government refuse to carry out universal suffrage? Why did it refuse to listen to the people’s opinion and what people want. If it is “one country, two systems,” universal suffrage is not even being discussed or people’s opinions sought. The students occupying Central is the only way to raise awareness of this.

Hong Kong’s unique values are law and order, freedom of speech, and freedom of press. It is normal in Hong Kong to have different voices be heard and different customs be followed.

Please can Chairman Xi meet our student representatives and listen to our demands.

Thank you.


Note that Conny could not give her Chinese name or be photographed in case she gets blacklisted by the Chinese Communist Party and her visa to return to China gets cancelled.




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