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A Painting of Students at Occupy Central Before the Site Gets Cleared

Following the court order to remove the pro-democracy camp in Hong Kong, several artists came to the spot to draw the students, and create a historical record of this moment for the people.

Ke Huihui quit her job in September so she could work day and night to show what’s been happening at Occupy Central, according to local media Apple Daily.

She’s been making art in different parts of the protest site to depict the hardships the students have been going through, like camping outside.

She even drew on hand-made stools for kids in Admiralty whose parents joined the protests and stayed overnight.

Ke believes that whatever happens, the struggle for universal suffrage will go on in different forms—the spirit of non-cooperation, and the Lion Rock spirit will last forever. She plans to post her work on Facebook to help more people learn the truth.




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Monica Song
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