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Onion Spoof: China Celebrates Status as No. 1 Polluter (Funny Video)

This absurd parody is amusing, but also sad as a lot of it is true and propaganda can’t hide that.

According to satirical website The Onion, Beijing officials were celebrating China being ranked as the top producer of air pollution by a 2012 UN study because the smog levels “symbolize Chinese supremacy.”

Here are some of the more amusing points from the report:

  • “The labor of the people made the sky black with the smoke of progress,” according to Ambassador Lan-ning.
  • The parade in the coal-rich manufacturing center of Hunan included a march by the smokestack brigade, and a 100 widow smog dance.
  • The Beijing Young People’s Vocal Group performed an ode to acid rain which falls on 30% of China.
  • China has 16 of the world’s 20 most air-polluted cities… The ambassador proudly says: “We have the most.”
  • “Close to 1 million people will die of cancer in China this year… Cancer is a very modern disease,” he adds.

Sometimes it’s only when you turn things upside down that the truth really shines through!






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