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This Bird Can Mimic Laser Gun Sounds, But He Get’s Nasty at 0:50

This little song bird is known for it’s extraordinary mimicking abilities. It’s a lyrebird, one of Australia’s best know native birds. I would love to find one in the wild and play it some Bach and listen to what it can do!

My question is what the heck has this bird been watching? Star Wars or video games?

Watch out, at 0:50, this bird turns directly toward the camera and tries to blow up the photographer. Luckily it only sounds like a laser gun.

As usual, the male of the species is the fancy pants beautiful one. Male lyrebirds are no exception, they are so fine. The big tail feathers curl down and around, like artistic calligraphy writing.

Lyrebird sounds like a laser gun
A male lyrebird is beautiful, while the female is plane brown, with no fancy feathers, but they sound amazing! (Wikipedia/Fir0002/Flagstaffotos)


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