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Syria’s War: Through the Eyes of its People (Video)

Do you know much about Syria? Geographically it’s situated on the Mediterranean Sea and among its neighboring countries are Turkey, Iraq, and Jordan.

But since 2011 Syria has been in the midst of a serious civil war (not that civil wars are anything but serious) and among its more recent belligerents are the brutal militant jihadist group ISIS.

In the video above we see the affects of this awful war on everyday Syrians and the video has some key takeaways that really surprised me such as:

  • 75% of Syrians now live in poverty.
  • 54% of Syrians are unemployed (the US unemployment is 5.8%).
  • 50% of Syrian children do not attend school.
  •  Syria is home to the highest population of refugees.

Oh by the way all those facts are from only the first minute of the video.

The point of awareness is not to make you feel bad that you may have so much, it’s to open your eyes to the human experience.

This world is large and quite beautiful, but it’s also sometimes harsh and brutal.

We should embrace it all and do what we can to make it better.


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