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Gamabunta Summoned to China? Giant Smoking Pink Toad Pops Up in Guangzhou

The Pearl River Delta has a new inhabitant!

A huge inflatable toad smoking a pipe has appeared near the Canton tower, and seems to be commemorating the Naruto comic series because it looks like the chief toad Gamabunta of Mount Myoboku, according to Sina Games.

The 15-year series just finished last week, and fans have reportedly been taking selfies next to the gigantic balloon. One even put it on Tencent maps.

But no one’s sure how the two-ton amphibian got there. Some bloggers think that fans are responsible, while others suggested Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman who is the father of the giant yellow ducks and the moon rabbit.

There’s also speculation that it’s a marketing ploy for the game Naruto Online which is currently in development.

Here’s a clip of Gamabunta in action!



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