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Tragic Hero: Bomb Defuser Dies 11 Years After Receiving No Medical Aid

A policeman who was publicly honored for defusing a cluster bomb has passed away from his injuries after being unable to afford medical assistance.

Yu Shangqing, 58, worked for the Public Security Bureau in Harbin, and became famous for deactivating a group of bombs in 2003, even though he had no training or experience.

Risking his life, he worked on 11 home-made devices hidden in a hotel in the center of Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, and successfully defused 10 of them.

Unfortunately the last one exploded, destroying his right hand, and sending over 100 tiny fragments into his body including his eyes.

In 2004, he was honored as a hero for saving many people’s lives. Although he could no longer work as a police officer, Yu hoped to do car repair work for his colleagues when he recovered, according to Oriental Daily News.

However, he couldn’t afford the hospital costs to get the shrapnel removed, and died in Beijing on Nov. 6.

Many people have been mourning Yu’s death, and expressed their shock that there was no insurance or government assistance to help him.

Monica Song
Born and bred in China, Mona keeps an ever watchful  eye the Chinese news headlines that are worth translating into English for Vision Times readers.

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