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Rock Climbing the Karst Towers of the Middle Kingdom (Video)

With the world’s greatest number of karsts or limestone spires and overflows, China is a great destination for rock climbers to challenge their limits while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

This video shows pros Cedar Wright, Emily Harrington, and Matt Segal climbing in Enshi Canyon. At around 1’30” you can see Emily hanging from an archway called Moon Hill which is all that remains of a collapsed cave. You can read more about their adventure here.

Enshi Canyon is actually one of the less well-known mountaineering destinations in China.

The Top 8 spots, according to ChinaTravel.com, are:

  1. Beijing Miyun White River Valley
  2. Beijing Sidu Crag
  3. Yangshuo, Guilin
  4. Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain
  5. Qingdao Laoshan Mountain
  6. Fumin, Kunming
  7. Duodi County, Lhasa
  8. Guiyang

White River is considered as the birthplace of rock climbing in China with almost 100 lines to choose from, while Yangshuo is world-class with easy access to amazing karst landforms, and nearly 200 lines for all skill levels.


Climbing Moon Hill in Enshi Canyon. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Climbing Moon Hill in Enshi Canyon. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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