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New Scientific Evidence of an Afterlife (Video)

In the largest study ever done on this subject, researchers at the University of Southampton examined 2,000 cases from patients who suffered from cardiac arrest before they were successfully brought back to life.

Has the first evidence of life after death been found?

The strange thing they found was that during the moments when the brain had absolutely no measurable activity… what is known as being clinically dead… as many as 40% of the cases recalled experiencing some sort of awareness during that period of time.

You can see the questions they asked the participants here. The number next to each question represents the amount of people whom said yes out of 101.

As you can see from these questions, a large number of people experienced having a feeling of peace or pleasantness during this period of time, along with many others having the impression that things were happening faster or slower.

Remember that this is during a period of time when they had no brain activity and should have been completely dead.

This really raises some questions as to what life after death is, or what is actually happening right when someone dies and what they experience.

It’s a landmark study, especially one that’s grounded in some solid science about the afterlife, but it seems to raise more questions than it answers.

Will science one day figure out what happens when we die? Maybe the mystery of the afterlife will one day no longer be so mysterious.

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