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Yes, This Beach Really Is Red, and There’s Nowhere Else Like It on Earth

So you’ve heard of the Red Sea. Well, this is the Redsea Beach, and it’s located in Panjin in central China’s Liaoning Province.

It’s the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world, and gets its color from the red grass genus Sueda which is one of a few grasses that can tolerate highly alkaline conditions.

This unique grass starts its growth cycle in April, and is green through summer, but darkens to red in the Fall.

Redsea Beach is part of the Panjin Shuangtaizi Nature Reserve with more than 260 bird species, including the rare red-crowned crane, and about 400 other types of animals.

The best time to visit is in September when the red hues of the grass are most vibrant. You can take a train from Beijing which is only about 300 miles away.


Red-crowned cranes at Redsea Beach. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Red-crowned cranes at Redsea Beach. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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