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5 Different Teas to Treat Your Ailments

Did you know your tea time can also be a healing time? That’s right, besides being delicious, tea also has healing properties.

 These 5 teas can treat many of your ailments.

  1. Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess) tea: Strengthens health, slows aging, resists cancer, atherogenesis, and diabetes. It also reduces fat, and counters the effect of cigarettes and alcohol.
  2. Pu’erh tea: Clears heat and toxin, aids digestion, removes oiliness and fat, eases urination and excretion, clears phlegm and pathogenic wind from the body, stops cough and promotes salivation, increases lifespan.
  3. Wuyi rock essence tea: Contains a variety of chemicals, such as caffeine and polyphenols. It increases mental alertness, strengthens vision, uplifts your spirit, reduces depression, quenches thirst, kills bacteria and sludge, eases urination, clears heat and alcohol. It also has life lengthening effects by reducing blood pressure and fat, countering radiation and cancer, and by slowing aging.
  4. Longjing tea: Cleanses blood vessels, prevents stroke and heart diseases.
  5. Biluochun tea: A kind of green tea. It resists aging, fights bacteria, prevents cancer, lowers blood lipids level, reduces fat, prevents tooth decay, eliminates bad breath. It also has skin whitening effect and screens UV rays.

Research by Richard and Monica

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