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Have You Heard of STOMP Out Bullying? Well, This Is Their Month (Video)

A group of Americans have started an initiative to spread their anti-bullying message to the world. They have proposed October as anti-bullying month, and the first Monday in October as World Anti-Bullying Day.

Today in New York City, you can see many people wearing blue T-shirts with the messages: Stomp Out Bullying, Stop The Drama, End The Hate, etc. I think these are good messages of compassion and tolerance.

Bullying causes invisible scars that remain for life, affecting both kids and adults. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control lists how bullying affects future relationships with other people, family, and society. It even affects learning and work production. Bullying can be physical, or emotional, or both. Not only are the victims at higher risk of developing emotional problems, but those who witness bullying are also at higher risk of having future emotional problems. What’s ironic is the bullies are the most vulnerable of all.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has many declarations and statements about bullying behavior and violence in schools, and emphasizes the need to take seriously our kids’ complaints, thoughts, and feelings. There is a strong relationship between suicide attempts and bullying in our schools.

For my part, I hope this generation puts an end to this despicable, vile, and inhuman behavior.

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