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This Is the China the Old Poets Swooned About. It’s Still There, in Sichuan

Simply breathtaking. Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province, China was a declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. This is the China the old poets swooned about. It’s still there… This little video tour and sweet music will take you there.

Travel facts:

  • Sichuan Province is a large province in central China.
  • The best times to travel depend on where you want to go, as the climate varies greatly within the province. Generally: April to May, and September to October are great for beautiful seasonal scenery. July to August is the peak tourist season.
  • Sichuan cuisine is world famous, and tends to be spicy, good spicy… and killer spicy. Make sure you know how to say mild in Chinese!

Sichuan Province, China
Beautiful Sichuan Province, in the heart of China. (Vision Times)

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