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China’s Youngest Hacker Is Only 13, Says He’s a Good Boy

Dubbed China’s youngest hacker, 13-year-old Wang Zhengyang, a Junior High student, said he prefers to be seen as a “white hat” or a hacker for the good.

Responding to media claims that he hacked into his school’s system to avoid turning in homework, as well as hacking into online stores to alter item prices, Wang said at the 2014 China Internet Security Conference in Beijing: “I meant to help fix the websites.”

“You have to attack the website first to find its weaknesses,” said Wang, who explained that the school website he hacked was for high school students and not at his own school.

He also said he hacked into online stores to alert them of their online security weaknesses.

“I think those who hack all day for profit are immoral,” said Wang. “It is interesting to look for website security risks and I am overwhelmed with joy when I find one. But I will not use my talent for something illegal.”

“By attending the conference, I want the others to notice me and know that someone my age could work on Internet security.”

Reprinted with permission from NTD Television.

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