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Can You Feel the Silent Power Behind These 10 Pics of Occupy Central? (Photos)

The Umbrella Movements continues, and enters another day. To support the revolution in their own way, Hong Kong designers and artists embedded such elements as yellow ribbons and umbrellas in their work. These photos and illustrations show protesters’ coverage, in which they are undeterred and even more determined after last Friday’s attacks from anti-Occupy Central groups. Take a look at these 10 pictures.

Can you feel the silent power behind the Umbrella Movement?

Some information about the attacks:

Last Friday, Oct. 3, protest students were attacked by “a pro-government mob, hundreds strong,” who also destroyed a democracy-site and students tents, as reported by Time.  At the Mong Kok protest, attacks on journalists, as well as sexual assault and harassment were reported, according to The Guardian.  However,  none of the violence was related to protesting students, which was confirmed, but was tied to the other side. The police said the arrested men in the clashes have triad backgrounds, and are said to be pro-Beijing groups. Before last Friday, no violence was involved in the movement, and some touching moments between the police and protesting students were recorded.

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