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Legend George Takei Lends His Voice to Animation Short ‘The Missing Scarf’

The Missing Scarf is an award-winning animated short. The narration, intense at times, lighthearted at others, was voiced by actor George Takei. Takei is most remembered for portraying Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek. He is also a well-known name on Facebook and in social media. This year he is 77.

The director of The Missing Scarf is Eoin Duffy. Duffy is an award-winning animation director. He was considered for an Academy Award for this current film.

The film is a bit bizarre, surprising, and leaves you with questions. But they are existential questions. And the lighthearted theme of searching for a scarf becomes a search for answers to questions of the universe. Watch this cartoon if you want to challenge yourself.

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