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Displaying Kindness Brings Back Kindness

An American psychologist told a story about a female patient of his. Alice was depressed over her failed romance a few years back. She left the East and moved to the Midwest.

With a slower pace of life, a warmer relationship evolved with people. For example, when Alice would drive out of the parking lot, the driveway always had a long row of cars, but someone always let her pass.

She was very touched by their courtesy, and did the same with others. Giving in a small way brought her happiness. A year later, her depression was gone.

How could such little gestures cure Alice’s depression?

Because she gave away kindness. When you smile at others, the concentration of immunoglobulin in your saliva  increases, and enhances your immune system.

According to research, there is an energy transformation between giving and receiving. When giving, the energy of being rewarded comes back to the giver in various forms. However, under most circumstances, the giver is not even aware of it.

Favorable interpersonal gestures that are good for harmonious relationship building include: Praise, humor, smiling, respect, comity, being easygoing, tolerance, forgiving, understanding, compassion, loyalty, listening, etc.

Research: Monica and Aizhu.

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