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6 Essential Tips for Nailing a Business Meeting in China

First impressions and appearances are critical when it comes to successful business in China. Going the extra mile to understand common Chinese customs for business dealings really goes a long way. These tips come from a wealth of advice on the China Law Blog.

Here are six top tips for making a good impression in China:

  1. Shaking hands is common, although Chinese will traditionally nod or slightly bow when greeting, making introductions quite formal.
  2. When passing or receiving a business card, hold the card with both hands. Make sure your cards have both English and Chinese on them.
  3. Be on time, punctuality is important.
  4. Don’t discuss business during the meal, unless your guest brings it up.
  5. If you happen to receive applause (uncommon, but still possible), you should respond by clapping yourself.
  6. Business attire is conservative. Suits for men, and skirts and blouses for females.
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