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Florida Artist Smashes Ai Weiwei Artwork in Museum Protest

Local artist Maximo Caminero got probation for smashing a piece of art in an exhibit by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. The smashing occured at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Caminero claimed to be protesting the fact that the museum does not exhibit local artists. He later discovered that local artists work were being exhibited in another part of the museum.

Another reason Caminero claimed for smashing the ancient Han Dynasty era vase was to show others not to do the same, including Ai.

Ai himself had smashed an ancient vase and captured it on film. The photos of Ai smashing an ancient vase were hung right beside where Caminero did the same thing.

Caminero claims to be in solidarity with Ai and his struggles as a dissident artist with restricted liberties in China.

Ai was not arrested for smashing an ancient vase and calling it art, yet Caminero was arrested for smashing an ancient vase at an Ai exhibit, and calling it artistic protest.

There seems to be no one stream of logic here. But an interesting exploratory statement.

See the video footage to relive the smashing of cultural treasures courtesy of Ai and Caminero.

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