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Shenzhen Boy Bleeds Out All His Blood Daily Due to Mysterious Disease

Thirteen-year-old, Luo Zi began suffering from a mysterious blood-disease in April. The symptom was that he bled enormous amounts of blood in his stool.

It turned out he was suffering from a rare blood disorder, (haemophagocytic syndrome, a hematologic disorder). The disease was causing his colon to become severely inflamed and to secrete blood continuously.

According to Chinanews.com, Luo would bleed 1.5 liters of blood a day, or up to a fifth of a liter every few hours. Dr. Liu Guanghong of Shenzhen Hospital said that when the boy arrived, he had to have blood transfusions that basically replaced all the blood in his body each day. Finally, in May, the infected parts of Luo’s colon were cut out and the bleeding was stopped.

The disease was caused by uncontrollable cell activity of phagocytes, a cell in the body which absorbs bacteria and dead cells. The cells began devouring living tissue, causing internal bleeding. At the illness’ worst point, the boy shrunk to only 44 lbs from a weight of 100-130 lbs.

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