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China Environment: ‘It’s On a Scale and Speed the World Has Never Known’

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is very quick to boast about its economic developments. Here is an alarming report on the environmental costs that have come along with the “New China.”

The article is from the Tuidang website (tuidang means ‘quit the party’ in Chinese), which has collected 174,671,014 resignations from the Chinese Communist Party.


“China’s environment has been so thoroughly assaulted by urban and industrial development that pollution in air, water, and soil has reached alarming levels. “It’s on a scale and speed the world has never known,” according to Jennifer Turner, director of the China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson Center. What do we know? What can be done?


Beijing’s air pollution reached a level so dramatically high in January 2013 that a new word, “airpocalypse,” was coined for it. The word has since been used to refer to the alarming air pollution in Beijing and other Chinese cities.

The smog-choked city experienced a visibility so low that it put schools and work at a halt…

A research report released by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences considered Beijing “barely suitable” for living due to its severe air pollution…”

Read the full article here.

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