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Epic Footage: ‘Climbing China’s Incredible Cliffs’

Thanks to National Geographic, we almost get rock dust in our eyes watching these climbers scale the world famous karst ‘mountains’ in south China. Wanderlust ignited.

You’ll have seen these babies before, in a movie or documentary, trust us…at least in Kung Fu Panda, or Avatar’s Guilin inspired dragon training grounds. But to see them this close, and this high, with a crazy rock-climber clinging to them, is the next best thing to going there yourself, which you may want to do after watching it (details for travelers).

And if the climbing is just too scary, renting a bike and sight-seeing from the villages is a really nice option, as is the boat rides along the rivers going right through the karsts!

Details: It doesn’t say on the National Geographic video where exactly this rock climbing is happening, so with a little research, some of it looks to be in Guilin, in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region—the most scenic place. But, they obviously traveled around.

The karst landscape, made of limestone that’s been weathered away into wonderful cliffs, caves, underground rivers, actually stretches across three provinces, Guangxi, Guangzhou, and Yunnan. Great article on it here.

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