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Amazing All-Purpose Beer

Here are 10 ways to enhance your cooking with beer.


  • To take away the fishy smell of fish, marinate it with beer for 10-15 minutes first. It will also make it taste like crab.
  • Marinate beef with beer; the meat will be more tender.
  • Cooking chicken with beer instead of water can enhance the taste of the meat.
  • Adding some beer into a hot pot can tenderize the meat.
  • Adding a little beer while making soup can enhance the savory taste of meat and make the soup more delicious!.
  • While cooking rice, adding beer in the ratio of 20 ml. per head can make the rice more aromatic.
  • Sprinkling a little beer on meat before cooking can soften the meat, especially beef.
  • Adding some beer to the water when kneading dough can make it more crispy and aromatic.
  • Adding a cup of beer while cooking fatty meat or fish can subdue the oily taste, and make the meat more tender.
  • Soaking chicken in salt, pepper, and beer for an hour or two can get rid of the strong smell.

Translated research by Monica, Cecilia.

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