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LOOK: Staying Safe in the Sun or Attack of the ‘Facekini’ Women?

These women are posing for photos marking activities for National Fitness Day at a beach in Qingdao, Shandong Province on August 8.

Oh, and they’re wearing “facekinis”—full-face masks to prevent getting tanned.

Asian people, as were Westerners in the old days, are generally averse to getting tanned. The stereotype being that tanned skin is a sign of manual labor outdoors while pale, white, ghostly white skin is a sign of high status.

Meaning one stays indoors and is not a farmer or laborer. Although these mores have gone out of style in the West, they still hold true for much of East Asia.

Many proponents of sunscreen may agree that there is something to be said for the safety of avoiding a tan.

Are these women taking it a little to extremes. Is it just the bank-robber look that may make it seem so?



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