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Has a Coup Happened Behind the Scenes in Communist China?

Radio Free Asia published a Chinese article on August 5 entitled: “Some Kind of Coup May Have Occurred in China.”

It suggests a power struggle is taking place between top Communist Party officials in Beijing and Shanghai, pointing to several unusual incidences in the last few weeks, as translated by ChinaScope:

  1. Unprecedented large-scale military exercises from July to September with some continuing into November.
  2. A confidential meeting in Beijing between President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda to improve relations between the two countries.
  3. The corruption investigation of ex-security tsar Zhou Yongkang announced on July 29.
  4. A large investigation team sent to Shanghai on July 30 by the Communist Party’s Central Discipline Inspection Commission.
  5. An investigation of Wang Zong-nan, chairman of Shanghai Bright Food Group, who has close links with former Party leader Jiang Zemin.
  6. Many domestic flights canceled in July, particularly between Beijing and Shanghai.
  7. Increased security restrictions on public transport in Beijing, for example trash cans must be emptied four times per hour.
  8. An online article by state mouthpiece People’s Daily called: “The Removal of Big Tiger Zhou Yongkang Does Not Signal the End of the Anti-Corruption Campaign,” that was later censored.
  9. The removal of ex-leader Jiang Zemin’s name from public places, which has been publicized online with photos.

According to the article, cadres in the Jiang faction may have attempted a coup that failed, triggering a counter-coup by Xi’s faction to wipe out the opposition.

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