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Chinese Soccer Fans Go Crazy for Vanishing Spray and Other Special Gear Seen on World Cup

Here are six special types of technology featured in the 2014 World Cup that have attracted the attention of soccer fans in China, according to this list from Sina News:

1. Referee’s magic spray disappears without trace after 45 seconds

2. Sony 4k digital TV screen

3. First kick by a paraplegic Brazilian man in a robotic suit.

4. Sponsor Puma supplied the national playing kits for the eight different teams, using a performance-enhancing fabric called PWR ACTV.

5. Adizero F50 shoes have a special disc inside that transmits athletes’ movement to a computer for analysis by the coach for over 7 hours.

6. PackBots are being used for security with 30 of these military bots in 12 different Brazilian host cities to check for suspicious objects.

The colorful soccer shirts are already becoming fashionable in China, as are the shoes. No doubt fake versions of these will soon appear on the Chinese market.

Chinese fans were particularly impressed by the vanishing spray, which went viral on Weibo after it was first used in the Brazil-Croatia match. Apparently, it will soon become a popular online item for sale on Taobao, because it reminded netizens of the magic circle drawn by the Monkey King in the story Journey to the West, according to China News Service.

Monkey King draws a magic circle in 'Journey to the West.' (Screenshot/ECNS)
Monkey King draws a magic circle in ‘Journey to the West.’ (Screenshot/ECNS)

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