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Chinese Bigshot Addicted to Eating Tigers, Including Genitals and Blood

A property developer in Guangxi Province was convicted of eating at least three tigers in the past year, according to state media People’s Daily.

For some rich officials and entrepreneurs, watching tigers being killed and then eating them is seen as a status symbol. Typically, businessmen buy the big cats, and then use them as gifts to bribe cadres in the Communist Party.

Surnamed Xu, the man was described as having a “quirky appetite for eating tiger penis and drinking tiger blood” by state mouthpiece Xinhua.

Bloggers on Weibo responded angrily to the news. One wrote: “This is so cruel. Please don’t kill lives just for a moment of excitement to your taste buds.

A second said: “I’m waiting for the trial results. Let’s see if it’s judged by the law or by money.”

And a third commented: “You can’t do everything, even if you’re rich.”

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