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WATCH: First Tiny Giant Panda Cub Born This Year in China

Giant panda and new mom Guo Guo delivered a baby panda cub on Monday, at the Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya’an City, near Chegdu. It is the first panda born this year in captivity, a bit of an early bird. 

Scientists have not assessed it’s gender yet, or the cub’s daddy, according to ITN news. 

The panda center announced that Guo Guo had mated naturally with two male panda’s four months ago, and they will do tests in the future to figure out who is papa panda.

The baby panda was so tiny you could barely see it when Guo Guo was cradling it. That is the way bears give birth – to teeny tiny little cubs, and zoos often find the captive panda moms need help caring for the helpless little creatures.

“Thanks to the development of breeding technology, the number of captive-bred giant pandas around the world had risen to 376 by the end of 2013,” stated the ITN report. “It is estimated that about 1,600 pandas live in the wild.”

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